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Introduction to rent kitesurfing in Poland

Kitesurfing Poland Polska is the best place in the central part of Europe for kiting. Wide shallows, easy access and good price - makes Poland friendly for kiteboarding trip. It is very safe but for rent a kite is required completion of kite course. So if you are planning to rent kitesurfing in Poland you will need certificate.

If you need English Instructor + certificate
you can do the course with us.

In KiteAcademy, five hours is sufficient to get the basics of kitesurfing. In our school is possible to learn how to control the kite in three hours. Then for 2 hours geting first slide on board. After these lessons you will be able to continue kitesurfing alone or you can get extra kitesurfing kurs with instructor. So in Polska 10 hours is sufficient to know kitesurfing well enough.

We have 3 Instructors who speak English

and we have extensive experience in teaching in a foreign language - we learned Germans, Englishs, Russians, Frenchs and Spaniards. We organize trips and also provide courses of kitesurfing Fuerteventura (we can prepare you to play kitesurfing in difficult conditions). So if you want to learn kitesurfing in Polska - Chałupy, Hel or Rewa:

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